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211, 2020

Solar is Now the Cheapest Form of Electricity

For a long time, we've known that renewable energy sources, led by solar power, are far more efficient, clean, and beneficial to our environment. But now it's official: solar power is officially the cheapest form of electricity in the world.   That’s the findings of a massive study released by

2910, 2020

LGCY Power teams up to support Operation Underground Railroad

LGCY Power is making a difference not just with solar and clean, renewable energy, but in other ways. In fact, the folks at LGCY Power believe in giving back, committing their time, energy, and funds to causes all over the world.   One such charitable cause is Operation Underground Railroad.

2910, 2020

Is Solar Worth It?

Is Solar Worth It? The choice to go solar at home is one of the most important decisions homeowners can make – and it can also be the most lucrative. With energy bills climbing across the country, smart consumers are fighting back by opting for clean, renewable solar energy

909, 2020

LGCY Humanitarian Trip Peru

Several hours away from Lima, Peru, high above the small town of Frias, lies the village of Meseta Andina, and for four days in July 2016, this is where our LGCY family lived. Under the auspices of LGCY Foundation, we were able to partner with Choice Humanitarian and spend time

2707, 2020

Do I have to pay for installation?

Consultation & Initial Design The solar panel installation process starts with a visit by one of our friendly energy consultants – in-person or virtually – to evaluate your needs and potential savings. They will create an initial customized solar system design to fit your home and will factor in

2707, 2020

How do solar incentives work?

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to installing solar panels to power your home. Not only are you helping protect our environment by using clean energy, but you can also save some serious money compared to traditional fossil fuels. On a nationwide level, the solar investment tax



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